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Project TA to MoLME in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial TVET system   (EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ/6-Lot2)

  Key Expert 1:
Team Leader and TVET Policy Expert 

Galia Bozhanova

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      “I can describe myself as a strategic VET adviser with 25 years of professional ex-perience in VET governance and employability, implementing interventions to assist the governmental reforms, institutional development and capacity build-ing in developing countries. In the course of my long and versatile professional career, I was involved in rapid economic and social changes in the early 1990s, and gained unique practical experience in the implementation of development cooperation projects for improvement of VET supply and technology-led skills.

My regional experience comprises the Balkans, CEEC and CIS countries (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbai-jan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Armenia), engaged in the establishment of new labour market mod-els in transition to open market economies.

Having been actively involved in national and European VET sectoral dialogue and consultation pro-cesses for enhanced VET cooperation under the Copenhagen process, I have participated in peer-learning activities for strengthening the capacities for delivery of enterprise-based and VET providers’ employment-oriented training contents (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria), a cross-regional policy dialogue for seeking the “Skills for Employability” (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Romania and Bulgaria), EQF and NQFs development (Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania), among others. I was also a governing mem-ber of several European institutions for policy development, policy review and evaluation in the area of TVET – CEDEFOP, ACVT and Eurofound. These included European consultation processes on employ-ability, elaboration and implementation of common VET initiatives and tools for enhanced European cooperation in VET, lifelong learning concepts and mobility of qualifications, as well as their trans-formation into the national VET systems. Moreover, as a national representative and a focal point, I was involved in the work of European networks – EQAVET, ECVET user’s group, ELGPN, and ReferNet.

My specific expertise in VET covers structural and functional needs analysis of national VET systems, governance and institutional models, assessment of reform policies’ impact as well as capacity build-ing for enhanced sectoral dialogue. I am furthermore highly familiar with the evaluation of quality assurance cycles at governance and provision levels including VET governance models, the involvement of key stakeholders, continuous professional development (CPD) of VET teachers and managers, the intro-duction of outcome approaches and balance between income-outcome qualitative indicators, and the policy rationale for their use in decision-making purposes.

I bring 20 years of expertise in VET development cooperation projects at the national and interna-tional levels, of which more than 8 years as a Team Leader in education/TVET projects. I had the opportunity to contribute to the VET restructuring and institutional development in CEEC and CIS countries with several Ministries of Education. I also collaborated with other relevant line ministries and state authorities in charge of TVET, such as in the establishment and organisational develop-ment of the Bulgarian National Agency for VET, the Croatian National Agency for VET, the Kazakh National Center for VET and awarding of qualifications, the Belorussian Republic Institute for VET, the Azeri Ministry of Education, and the Macedonian National VET Centre.”

 Project TA to MoLME in the area of in-service
teacher training for the initial TVET 
system (EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ/6-Lot2)
Key Expert 2:
Senior Non-Key Expert “Teacher Training” (SNKE TT)

Vesna Janevski

                                                                    Pen portrait

Worked in the Project from 2018 to early 2020

Vesna Janevski has extensive experience working on different projects as Team Leader and Senior expert in different countries in the region.

  • More than 30 years of experience in Education Sector in the fields of vocational education, adult education, the education of disadvantaged groups including Roma Childrenspecial educationeducational policy development, education methods, teachers education, primary – secondary – higher education, educational psychology and curricula development as Trainer, Consultant, Senior Expert, Supervisor, Professor, National Coordinator, Master TrainerEducator SpecialistChief Education Consultant, Deputy Project Director, Education Specialist and Team Leader.
  • More than 13 years of experience in 20 projects funded by different international donors as World Bank, USAID and EU of which 9 of them financed by European Union in the field of Education. In the scope of these projects, Ms. Janevski was mainly responsible for; (i) overall project management and reporting to the Contracting Authority; (ii) development of curriculums; (iii) design and implementation of trainings; (iv) development and monitoring of program implementation plans; (v) designing programs for teaching and learning strategies; and (vi) education policy development.

Please find below the EU funded education related projects;

  • VET support for Serbian Detention facilities
  • Increasing Primary School Attendance Rate of Children, Fight Against Violence Towards Children, Promoting Gender Equality in Education
  • Study on durable solutions for displaced and internally displaced persons and residents of Konik camp in Montenegro and preparation for 2011 IPA
  • Technical Assistance for the Strengthening Special Education Project
  • Technical Assistance to the MoES on Life Long Learning
  • Peer learning to Support VET Reform Processes 2008
  • Facility to respond to Commission request
  • Key competences for Life Long Learning
  • TA VET – Phase IV – Training for Teachers and VET Centre Staff
  • More than 25 years of training experience including design, delivery and implementation of trainings including training of trainers/teachers and 13 international donor funded project experience, consisting of design and implementation of training activities, as Senior Expert Deputy Project Director, Consultant, Supervisor, Adult Education Policy Development Expert, Educator, Educator SupervisorChief Education Consultant, Training ExpertMaster Trainer and Team Leader.
  • More than 10 years of experience in vocational trainings through several projects/programs. In the scope of these project, Ms. Janevski was mainly responsible for; (i) development of overall Vocational Education Training curriculums for education of inmates and coordination of development of legal framework for VET; (ii) development of VET management information system; (iii) background analyses and expertise provision on social dialogue, in education and employment for VET; (iv) provide policy recommendations for VET schools; (v) monitoring and training of the VET Centre Staff; and (vi) needs analysis for trainings and research process.
  • Please find below the projects that included vocational training activities;
  • VET support for Serbian Detention facilities
  • Study on durable solutions for displaced and internally displaced persons and residents of Konik camp in Montenegro and preparation for 2011 IPA
  • Technical Assistance to the MoES on Life Long Learning
  • Peer learning to Support VET Reform Processes 2008
  • Facility to respond to Commission request
  • Key competences for Life Long Learning
  • TA VET – Phase IV – Training for Teachers and VET Centre Staff
  • Vocational Education and Training Programme
  • Profound knowledge of Education sector in Turkey through 5 EU-funded projectswhich all of them directly related to education sector namely, “Increasing Primary School Attendance Rate of Children, Fight against Violence towards Children, Promoting Gender Equality in Education”, “Technical Assistance for the Strengthening Special Education Project”, “Technical Assistance for Implementation of Human Resources Development Operational Programme” and “Technical Assistance for Potential Operation and Grant Beneficiaries (HRD OP 5.2), Information and Publicity (HRD OP 5.3)” and last “Technical Assistance for Promoting Social Inclusion in Densely Roma Populated Areas Operation”
  • Recently, she completed a cooperative experience with the Ministry of Justice of Serbia where she was given an opportunity of managing a project as Team Leader for establishment of a sustainable and productive system of vocational and educational training (VET) in prisons aiming at improvement of the employability of adults serving a prison sentence, thereby facilitating their re‐socialization. The project is susteinable and the VET trainings in prisons are part of the strategy of the country.
  • Active participation of many Study visits and Conferences in order to improve her education in USA, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, France, G. Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Portugal.

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Technical assistance to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial technical, vocational education and training system (EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ/6-Lot2)

Specialist of the IVET system

Office – manager

Rakhimov Fakhriddin

Pen portrait

«I can characterize myself as a motivated and responsible specialist who will always find the Challenges solution of the vocational education system, since I have been working on the problem of professional education at all levels for more than 30 years – as a graduate of two vocational schools, as a teacher within the system, as an experienced specialist for more than ten years enthusiastically supporting the development of the vocational education system of Tajikistan in the framework of international projects.

My acquired competences and experience within the framework of the professional development programs, of which I consider the long-term training on the topic “Management of educational offerings”, the mastering of the course “Analysis of professions and development of training programs for the DACUM system” (DACUM occupational analysis and Curriculum Development) as well as mastering the basics of andragogy and interactive teaching methods, made it possible to provide qualified support in strengthening the capacity of engineering and pedagogical workers in the system professionally of the country’s education.

Participation in training events and seminars, followed by an assessment of mastered competencies, gave me the opportunity not only to receive certificates recognized in Tajikistan and at the international level, but also to practically apply new knowledge and skills in the development of the vocational education system. In 2016, the received certificate for the right to train the engineering and pedagogical staff of the IVET system (Certificate on the right of carrying out training of engineer- pedagogical staff in the system of VET), was applied by conducting a number of training courses for vocational technical schools’ lyceums, as well as for the preparation of multipliers for the continuation of EPC training of vocational technical lyceums in Tajikistan. In turn, the international DACUM moderator certificate issued by the OHIO Student Education Center (Certificate on Curriculum Development, The OHIO STATE University centre on education and training for employment) gave me the right, jointly with employers, to conduct more than twenty analyzes of the profession in this methodology and develop modular training Programs with evaluation tools for the certification of graduates of the IVET system.

My participation in international trips to Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Bulgaria and France (Study visits) provided an opportunity to learn the latest international experience and new approaches in developing and ensuring the quality of vocational education, which helps in my daily work, preparing competent advice for adoption weighted solutions for the development of vocational education in Tajikistan.

I consider my strengths to carry out tasks that are in my competence, the ability to find and maintain good contact with representatives of the IVET and their partners, including employers and non-governmental organizations, the ability to achieve the joint work and interaction of numerous partners of vocational education with the goal of achieving general results and responsibility for the quality of the work performed. I am able to work both independently and in a team.

For more than ten years working in international projects aimed at developing the vocational education system in Tajikistan, I took an active part in achieving the set goals for:

  • Conducting EPC training of vocational lyceums for methodological work, application of interactive methods in teaching in the educational process and assessment of the competencies of students after the completion of the training module and / or modular curriculum.
  • Organization of EPC trainings for vocational lyceums on specific topics – energy saving and energy efficiency for use in specialties, safe use of technical equipment and agricultural machinery, growing of seed potatoes, etc.
  • Development of teaching materials for teaching students in the above-mentioned twenty modular curricula, for training adults in short-term courses, as well as for upgrading qualifications EPC of vocational technical lyceums.
  • Preparation of specifications of the necessary equipment and organization of procurement of equipment and tools for practical training in the framework of the development of modular training programs.
  • Development of monitoring tools and organization of monitoring of the educational process and learning outcomes in order to ensure the quality of the educational process in vocational lyceums.
  • Organizations for tracing the employment of graduates of vocational lyceums and assessing the satisfaction of employers with trained young specialists.
  • Stimulating self-employment. Small business graduates of vocational lyceums after mastering them to develop business plans and obtain mini loans for their implementation.

Evaluating my life principles, I want to add to the idea of ​​the notorious Coco Chanel: “There is time to work, and there is a time to love. There is no other time “by my conviction – only by loving my work (the work we are doing), one can achieve professional successes and in vain not to lose the short time allotted to us for life.


  Technical assistance to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial technical, vocational education and training system (EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ/6-Lot2)

Financier of the project


Saodat Imomova

Pen portrait

Pursuit of moving forward is the way toward success.

Throughout my life, I always liked to help people and give them joy. I believe that every person should have these qualities. Recently, I was given the opportunity to work in the project «Technical assistance to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial technical, vocational education and training system “.  I was interested in the main goal of this project – to help improve the qualifications of teachers, and I also want to make my contribution to this matter.

After graduating “Technological University of Tajikistan”, I started my career in the education and teaching sphere at the same university, as an assistant at the Department of Information Technologies. During my work at the university, I passed on the experience and knowledge about the basics of programming which I gained to elementary students. In the same place, I gained a colossal additional experience as a teacher, whose vocation firstly is to help the young generation to learn something new.

After the university, I continued my career in the customer service of Tacom LLC online services. In this company, I went from being a customer service specialist, a senior receivables recovery specialist, a senior complaints and claims processing specialist, and an information services team leader. According to the results of performance and personal achievements, I was appointed as a head of customer service and later as a project management manager for improving customers’ experience.

For 12 years of work in the field of cellular communication, I was fortunate enough to face ambitious goals and complex tasks, as well as work in different positions, each of which was interesting in its own way. The experience I gained and an excellent team of professionals easily helped me to achieve the tasks set for me.

While working at the company, I have participated in diverse trainings and received the following certificates and recognitions:

  • Gratitude for fidelity to business of LLC Takom – 5 years
    • Gratitude for loyalty to the Tacom business – 10 years
    • Certificate of Recognition “For the effective organization of work to increase the speed of customer service”
    • Certificate from “Beeline University” for the “Skills of effective customer service” training
    • Certificate from “Beeline University”, on passing the training “Skills of working with difficult customers”
    • Certificate from “Beeline University”, on passing the training “Basic management skills”
    • Certificate from “Beeline University”, on passing the training “Coaching and mentoring”
    • Training “Development centre”
    • Training “Introduction to GSM / UMTS”
    • Training “New manager”
    • Training “Planning and goal setting”
    • Training “How to make an individual development plan for an employee”

My main achievement is the success of my students, who have now climbed the career ladder and occupy decent positions in various companies.

Working in this project, I hope to use my potential and experience in a team of professionals, to learn from their experience in the education sphere and successfully fulfil the assigned goals and objectives.

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Project TA to MoLME in the area of in-service teacher training for the initial TVET system (EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ/6-Lot2)
  Translator / Technical Assistant

Bahtovar Sidikov


Pen portrait

“In order to achieve something, you need to give up the average result”.

I constantly learn new things: I watch many different films, meet new people, talk with them, try myself in different spheres, and ask questions to competent people. I am interested in living and learning new information.

Firstly, because I am a teacher and I really like the IVET system in which I have been working for more than 5 years. I am an energetic, purposeful, easily trained, curious person and try to put my energy into the right channel.

Secondly, the modern world dictates its rules, where knowledge and information are highly valued and are an important component of success.

          Third, it increases my cost (without quotes!) As a specialist. In addition, I enjoy communicating with intelligent, educated, talented people, so I always try to grow to make the interest mutual.

          I have strength, energy, opportunities and, most importantly, the desire to come to the Project to work for knowledge, for skills, for experience, for raising my own price. In addition, I am confident that if knowledge is acquired and applied, then their monetization will not be long in coming.

I want to quote the famous F. SchillerA man grows up as his goals grow».