Quality Education Support Program I under discussion in Tajikistan



Date: November 9, 2018

Dushanbe – In the framework of the EU funded Project “Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment in the area of professional development of teachers of the Initial Vocational Education and Training System” (IVET) in the realm of Outcome 4 on creating mechanisms of cooperation with the business community for increasing the level of professionalism of IVET staff (managers, teachers of special disciplines and training officers) the second meeting on “Supporting the development of partnership between the business and the Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) is to take place today with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment, Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Tajikistan, Trade Union’s Committee of workers of education and science of Tajikistan, Union of Employers of Tajikistan and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Tajikistan.

Achievements of the previous meeting on “Supporting the development of partnership between the business and IVET:

  • Comprehension of the project activities and motivation of employers to cooperation with the project;
  • Increased awareness on the need and consequences of close cooperation between employers’ representatives and IVET institutions for the improvement of IVET sector formation;
  • Realization of potential benefits provided by employers for the improvement of IVET quality;
  • Agreement on joint actions for the participation of business representatives in IVET in various levels of implementation supported by the project.

The goal of investing in skills is to stimulate the participation of employers in vocational education and training.

  • Introduction of financial incentives for effective cooperation between VET suppliers and companies – best practices from EU member states.

Expected outcomes from the second meeting on “Supporting the development of partnership between the business and IVET”:

  • Familiarization with new practical opportunities for public-private partnership and discussion of the mechanism of cooperation between the IVET system and employers with the consideration of presented models.

The objectives of the project activities are focused on ensuring that the IVET system curricula will result in acquiring new competences in accordance with the labor market demands. Establishment of communication among IVET teachers and training officers with the business community in order for the teachers to acquire practical skills of using new technologies at the facilities of employers in the relevant sector.

Development of agreement on partnership between the business community and professional lyceums which allows organizing short-term in-depth training for teachers. The project strives for ensuring a powerful involvement of the interested parties through a comprehensive institutional and personnel capacity building of IVET key partners.

The project is implemented in the framework of the Quality Education Support Program I, EuropeAid/137704/DH/SER/TJ, and it endeavors to make a contribution to the development of a modern education system able to train informed and qualified citizens who are ready for the “labor world” and who are able to contribute to a larger political stability, economic prosperity and social welfare in Tajikistan.

The event is to take place on November 9, 2018 at 9:30am (registration is at 8:30-9:30) at the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, Rudaki Ave. 26/1, Conference Room Toronto, 2nd floor.


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